think you can Scrum?

Agile Training and Consulting

Ruck & Maul partners with only the best Certified Scrum Trainers & Agile Coaches on the face of the planet. Our expertise is rich with practitioners who are well versed in Lean, Kanban, SAFe, and similar frameworks of the agile methodology. Together, we deliver best-in-class enterprise agile consulting services which consist of offerings from introductory workshops, to organization-wide transformations, and spearheading initiatives where scaling the practice is the goal.

Business Process Improvement

We’ve found that working the “inspect and adapt” cycle works.  Through consulting with companies of all shapes and sizes, it is our goal to facilitate the appropriate behaviors that organizations need in order to build teams of great people who build great products.  Our track record of sticking to the most basic principles and removing organizational impediments is a proven recipe for creating a culture where team members are comfortable with making mistakes and holding each other accountable.    

Strategic Problem-Solving

We pride ourselves on sharing our cumulative experiences which have been acquired by working with customers from a variety of industries.  Our comprehensive network enables us to help you tackle any project.  Bring your professional experiences to a place where you can be heard and given the tools to make a difference.