Scrum defined once and for all

In short, Scrum is a lightweight framework intended to complete projects.  It is our belief that Scrum is a conduit that enables you to do just about anything efficiently, on-time, and within budget.   Jeff Sutherland, the co-inventor of Scrum, based the principles of his framework on the sport of rugby.

By utilizing the skill, strength and size of your most powerful players, a "ruck" is formed when the team is trying to gain possession of the ball. A ruck is similar to a "jump ball" in basketball.  Conversely, a "maul" is formed as a means of maintaining control of the ball in an effort to keep the ball moving towards (and hopefully into) the opposition's goal.  When a ‘ruck’ or ‘maul’ play ends, the referee restarts the game with a "scrum" which is the equivalent of a punt or kickoff in football.  Winning teams are fueled by the benefits of teamwork and are driven by a high degree of collaboration. 

Books written by Jeff Sutherland

The Power of Scrum
By Jeff Sutherland, Rini van Solingen, Eelco Rustenberg