Scrum for Veterans


My best friend is maybe one of the most selfless and generous human beings on the face of this planet. He can be such a brat sometimes but when I think about how I would push my own mama in front of a train to spare my own life, or the fact that the only person I would ever take a bullet for is #meiasimone, I think about Zachary and vets alike who sign up to put their lives on the line for strangers just to protect our freedoms. Zachary is the reason I hug soldiers in airports.

While on leave from his first tour of duty, we went shopping at a local mall in Portland, OR for new clothes because all he had was his army fatigues. While walking through the mall, not once but twice, an older gentleman (whom I assumed were probably vets themselves) and his wife came up to Zachary and looked him in the eye, grabbed his hand, and said "Thank you for your service son", and proceeded to give him a big bear hug. In that moment I realized how much he was sacrificing and for the first time I was more proud & happy for him than ever.  Zachary did two tours of duty in Iraq as a combat medic and is the recipient of a Purple Heart medal for his heroic efforts. He received an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army and is now pursing a career in nursing to continue his passion for service and helping others. I'm unbelievably grateful to Zachary and every veteran who risks or has risked their life for this country.

Are you a Scrum practitioner who also served our country?  We'd love to hear from you about your experience with obtaining certification.  Please leave a comment below or share your story with us using any of these hashtags #veterans #besties #hugasoldier #scrumtrainings #thankasoldier