Project Managment Professional® discount is here!

Today, we're introducing something new and exciting: We' rolling out industry specific Project Management Professional (PMP ®) discounts! What's so special about this certification? In a word, dedication. PMP ® membership signifies that you’re serious about your project management career and your professional development. It highlights this dedication to employers, colleagues, and stakeholders, giving you an edge in the job market. Ruck & Maul also provides you with access to invaluable knowledge capital, geographically diverse networks, and expert resources that help you improve and advance your agile adoption efforts.

Simply email us at  for the eligibility requirements necessary to obtain the discount.

A new #Scrum training discount is here!


   Today, we're introducing something new and exciting: student discounts! If you're presently enrolled in a primary, secondary, or post-secondary education program you're now eligible for a special discount off of our registration fees.  Student can save up to 40% off a regular seat!

 Here's how it works:

There are two ways you can request a student discount code:

  1. Simply email and attach a valid recent class schedule.  This document must include your name, recent date, and school name.
  2. Alternatively, you can submit your information by clicking on the ...then we'll reply with a promo code for your exclusive use — it's that easy! 

Our team believes quality Agile and Scrum training should be accessible to everyone. So if you're a student interested in learning about the Scrum framework, then contact us today!

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Share Your Passion!


This past week, our executive team attended a breakfast event co-hosted by The Portland Business Journal and the Portland chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization.  What an experience it was to be in a room with more than 250 other like minded business professionals!  The buzz in the room before the panel talks was nothing compared to the burst of energy in our conversations after hearing several inspiring stories from the founders of Living Room Realty, BootsnAll Travel, and Barre3.  The combined success achieved by these leaders is quite astounding.  To hear them recall their thoughts about enduring difficult times, ignoring the naysayers, and overcoming obstacles was really the spark that ignited the room in my opinion. It's amazing what can happen to a group of people who come together to learn from others' experiences and what motivated them to stick with their passion and create such renowned brands.

I encourage you to check out the punk-rock awesomeness of @livingroomre if you are in the market for a new home, check out @bootsnall if you want to plan a trip around the world with your family, or follow @barre3 & @barre3sadie to receive insight on whole-body health. Additionally, if you are in startup mode or just trying to connect with others in your field, follow @pdxbizjournal as they host many information and networking events around the greater Portland area on a regular basis. #ruckon!

What the ruck?! What is Scrum?!

In anticipation of this weekend's big game, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to clarify what Scrum is why Ruck & Maul.  Ever since I started working in the #Agile industry almost 6 years ago, I've had to live and breathe Scrum on a daily basis in order to do my job.  In short, Scrum is a lightweight framework intended to complete projects.  Jeff Sutherland, the inventor of Scrum, based the principles of his framework on the sport of rugby.  Being the avid lover of sports that I am, I wanted to pay homage to him and his method by following in the same vein when establishing this company and to that end, Ruck & Maul was born.  

"Ruck" and "maul" are rugby plays wherein during a ruck, the ball is on the ground and players from each team try to move their opponents out of the way and it's the entire teams job to protect the ball.  During a maul, the ball should still be in the play but off the ground and "officially" the players must be heading towards the goal line.  This speaks to me because I am fiercely competitive and want to "win"/"score a goal"/"make a touchdown" in any project or task that I take on.  Scrum enables me to just about anything (like starting this business in four sprints) efficiently, on-time, and under budget. So in layman's terms, much like my boy Cam Newton, I can put the ball where I want it. 

Back to this weekend's big game...there's no way the #Broncos are going to be able to contain Cam in the pocket and even with their top-notch defense, the #Panthers running game is way too legit and will be too tough to stop.  I predict that special teams will win Super Bowl 50 for the #Panthers by a field goal in overtime.  @cameron1newton and @panthers say "Sorry Denver!" #ruckon #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #scrum #rucknme #ruckandmaul #ruck #maul #rugby #scrumtrainings #sb50 #superbowl50 @superbowl50 @jeffsutherland Ruck on!

Scrum for Veterans


My best friend is maybe one of the most selfless and generous human beings on the face of this planet. He can be such a brat sometimes but when I think about how I would push my own mama in front of a train to spare my own life, or the fact that the only person I would ever take a bullet for is #meiasimone, I think about Zachary and vets alike who sign up to put their lives on the line for strangers just to protect our freedoms. Zachary is the reason I hug soldiers in airports.

While on leave from his first tour of duty, we went shopping at a local mall in Portland, OR for new clothes because all he had was his army fatigues. While walking through the mall, not once but twice, an older gentleman (whom I assumed were probably vets themselves) and his wife came up to Zachary and looked him in the eye, grabbed his hand, and said "Thank you for your service son", and proceeded to give him a big bear hug. In that moment I realized how much he was sacrificing and for the first time I was more proud & happy for him than ever.  Zachary did two tours of duty in Iraq as a combat medic and is the recipient of a Purple Heart medal for his heroic efforts. He received an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army and is now pursing a career in nursing to continue his passion for service and helping others. I'm unbelievably grateful to Zachary and every veteran who risks or has risked their life for this country.

Are you a Scrum practitioner who also served our country?  We'd love to hear from you about your experience with obtaining certification.  Please leave a comment below or share your story with us using any of these hashtags #veterans #besties #hugasoldier #scrumtrainings #thankasoldier