Training Team Product Owner

The title may not make it seem like much, but this position is the basis for the entire business and we can't exist without an absolute all-star who fulfills this role.  The ideal team captain will be comfortable with ambiguity and fielding tons of questions related to all things Scrum, Kanban, Agile, training, SAFe, scaling, test taking, directions, scheduling, venues, weather, who won yesterday's game, what's Jeff Sutherland's favorite color, and whether or not you'll be in attendance at a course.  Oh, and can I get a discount with that?


  • Familiar with basic logistic coordination tasks such as guarantees, room configurations, catering requests, and audio visual setup requirements.
  • Ability to use production equipment in order to prepare and ship course materials.
  • Comfortable interfacing with high-level consultants and high-profile customers.
  • Knowledge of international currencies, travel requirements, and cultural differences as it relates to the successful delivery of training courses around the world.
  • Must be have a strong ability to develop and foster relationships with a variety of third-party vendors & suppliers.
  • Huge plus if you speak more than one language.
  • It would be helpful to the overall company culture if you were as funny as Amy Schumer but as productive as Dwight Schrute.