From an early age, Michelle was an avid reader who would get lost in books both fictitious and biographical in nature. She developed a love of learning about people, cultures, languages, how things work, what the history is of a particular subject, and so on and so forth. This insatiable appetite for wisdom led her to travel extensively but also to learn to speak Spanish fluently along with four other languages conversationally. Her experiences on the road have taught her that knowing the bare minimum about a group of people goes a long way in establishing immediate rapport & respect.  Michelle credits her humanistic approach to life for not only shaping her into the consummate professional she is today, but also for boosting and refining her self-esteem and overall confidence. Michelle is now at a point where she feels comfortable enough to talk to anyone about anything at any given time.  

“I’ve overcome a great deal of adversity which has helped me grow my independence. I’m now confident approaching anyone regardless of status or background. I really enjoy interacting with people from different cultures, learning from those who speak different languages, and bringing those experiences into my work.”


              Corporate Marketing Maven

Deanna is a seasoned, results-oriented senior marketing guru who is extremely passionate about helping companies broaden their customer reach through compelling stories to accelerate customer acquisition.  She is a seeker of collaborative problem-solving and a teamwork driven approach.  One of her many talents which may also be her most valuable, is her ability to work through the chaos to see the big picture trends and develop comprehensive big data marketing strategies and then develop and execute these efforts on a multi-faceted, cross-organizational go-to-market plan. Deanna’s specialties include curating exceptional content, steering public relations, brand and social media management, digital marketing, and SEO/SEM.  Recently, Deanna wised up (like most Californians these days, sheesh) and relocated to the great northwest.  Upon completion of a much needed sabbatical from the corporate world, Deanna joined our team as the Head of Marketing in order to spearhead our global content and digital marketing strategy.  


Head of Customer Success