We make you Scrum

Ruck & Maul Enterprises was created to be a conduit for educators and practitioners alike. We share a passion for using Scrum to transform lives. After working for two of the largest agile training companies in the industry we saw a need for a collaborative approach to delivering Scrum training that fosters team work. This approach creates an open exchange of ideas and encourages innovation.

What Makes Us Scrum...

Our mission is to establish a new community of excellence within the Agile world that is centered on the main facets of the sport rugby; being a team player, following the rules, and moving forward together. A community of innovation that benefits job seekers, students, non-profits, and startup companies who are in need of training opportunities, resources, and support in their chosen fields of interest.




From an early age, Michelle was an avid reader who would get lost in books both fictitious and biographical in nature. She developed a love of learning about people, cultures, languages, how things work, what the history is of a particular subject, and so on and so forth. This insatiable appetite for wisdom led her to travel extensively but also to learn to speak Spanish fluently along with four other languages conversationally. Her experiences on the road have taught her that knowing the bare minimum about a group of people goes a long way in establishing immediate rapport & respect.  Michelle credits her humanistic approach to life for not only shaping her into the consummate professional she is today, but also for boosting and refining her self-esteem and overall confidence. Michelle is now at a point where she feels comfortable enough to talk to anyone about anything at any given time.  

“I’ve overcome a great deal of adversity which has helped me grow my independence. I’m now confident approaching anyone regardless of status or background. I really enjoy interacting with people from different cultures, learning from those who speak different languages, and bringing those experiences into my work.”


              Corporate Marketing Maven

Deanna is a seasoned, results-oriented senior marketing guru who is extremely passionate about helping companies broaden their customer reach through compelling stories to accelerate customer acquisition.  She is a seeker of collaborative problem-solving and a teamwork driven approach.  One of her many talents which may also be her most valuable, is her ability to work through the chaos to see the big picture trends and develop comprehensive big data marketing strategies and then develop and execute these efforts on a multi-faceted, cross-organizational go-to-market plan. Deanna’s specialties include curating exceptional content, steering public relations, brand and social media management, digital marketing, and SEO/SEM.  Recently, Deanna wised up (like most Californians these days, sheesh) and relocated to the great northwest.  Upon completion of a much needed sabbatical from the corporate world, Deanna joined our team as the Head of Marketing in order to spearhead our global content and digital marketing strategy.  


Head of Customer Success


       Sr. Advisor, Management Consulting & Solutions Architecture

       Sr. Advisor, Management Consulting & Solutions Architecture

Tony comes to us with a long track record of delivering strategic & operational excellence resulting from his proven ability to leverage unique problem-solving skills, cross-functional team collaboration, and right fitted methodologies to monitor, control and enhance operations, and tackle the most complex business problems across a breadth of industries including: telecommunications, aerospace, and financial services.  
As an innovative operations and change management leader, Tony has been recognized for building and leading teams from Marketing to Finance, which operate under what he deems a 'scrum under a waterfall' structure; a confluence of a plan based approach (Waterfall Project Management) and the basic operating tenets of the Scrum framework (Agile). Tony has found this fusion provides the transparency and expectations required by most of today's executive teams, while also remaining responsive to changing requirements as demanded by today's era of innovation and opportunism. Tony is emphatic there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to operations management & project delivery, yet training and mastering each skillset allows for the bespoke tailoring required to drive competitive advantage, optimize costs, and hone a culture of innovation and productivity.
From strategy & project management, to business process management & automation, Tony is a strong business operations leader, process champion and seasoned solutions architect. Tony is excited to be an early contributor to the introduction of Ruck & Maul to market, and its growth strategy for future product and service offerings.
Tony holds an MBA from Northeastern University with a concentration in Corporate Finance & International Business Management.


                                                Chief Technical Guru

Mustafa brings an expansive knowledge base formed from years of experience in the software industry that stretch as far back as his high school days. Mustafa’s talents were refined at Oregon State University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in MIS which he used to establish himself as a "team player" at companies like Standard Insurance, Microsystems, Axian, and most recently POP, where he founded an Innovation Lab for emerging technologies in hardware and software development.  Mustafa claims to be a certified “ScrumMaster” but his profile picture on the Scrum Alliance is still blank so we can’t be entirely sure this is true.


                                                                                                                                 Investment and Capital Maverick

                                                                                                                                 Investment and Capital Maverick

Matt has focused the majority of his twelve year investment banking career in the Internet & Digital Media group at Pacific Crest Securities where he is currently the Vice President of Global Internet & Digital Media.  He has participated in public offerings for Facebook, Wayfair, Yandex, and Zillow, among many others. Previously, Matt worked at the Harvard Institutes of Medicine and also received his B.A. in Physics from Harvard University in 2002.  At his core, Matt is easily one of the most altruistic, honest, and funny human beings on the face of this planet.  In his spare time, he likes to run a lot for some reason and has even completed 3 marathons as well as an Iron Man competition just because.  No seriously, there was no prize money or awards or anything and he still did it.  Mr. Brischetto is an excellent example of someone who sets goals & crushes them which is why he is truly an inspiration and necessary addition to our advisory Scrum team.


                                                                             Content & Copywriter Extraordinaire

                                                                             Content & Copywriter Extraordinaire

Conceptual, clever, and cocky, Carly has been around the block and back more than a few times.  Carly took the NYC ad scene by storm for 7 solid years, working in pretty much every conceivable category.  Originally from Portland, OR, Carly ditched her tie-dye socks and Birkenstock's (worn in tandem people) in order to fully embrace her new surroundings and instead adopted a miserable/intimidating expression which she used to ward off unwanted company on the subway. She's a happy chick, though.  So happy in fact, she reconnected with an old love and abandoned the mean streets of NYC in order to follow her heart to the island of Maui where she now resides with said love and is living happily ever after.